Thursday, March 17, 2016

6 Cheap Places to Travel

6 Cheap Places to Travel

The number one question we get from HopRocket members is what are cheap places to travel? Sometimes it is better to choose a destination where you can stretch your dollar, rather than trying to penny pinch in an urban hub. Despite what most people think, there are cheap places to travel around the world without breaking the bank. Don’t you worry, we put the work in for you and have found the best destinations you can travel like a king.
Downtown Panama City

Panama City, Panama

Cheapest accommodation: $47/ per night

Cheapest daily food cost: $8

Hotel: Gran Soloy and Casino

Panama City is a diverse multicultural city that attracts a lot of budget travelers. Here you can get the city and beach experience in a day. If you like a more modern Miami feel you can hit up some chic wine bars or head to the colonial part of Casco Viejo for cheap dining and free people watching. Don’t forget to take a trip down to the canal!
Your hotel would cost $47/night booking through That’s 23% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.
Beaches of Fiji

Savusavu, Fiji

Cheapest accommodation: $17/per night

Cheapest daily food cost: $12

Hotel: City Private Hotel

How can Fiji be affordable? We thought the same thing; almost anyone can travel cheap if you are disciplined. Since you will be in the capital, Savusavu, you will be able to explore the vibrancy of the local farmer’s market. Perfect for foodies! For thrill seekers, you can get a taste of incredible scuba diving, sailing, mountain biking and a casual game of rugby.
Your hotel would cost $17/night booking through That’s 26% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.
Santorini Cliff Side Houses

Santorini, Greece

Cheapest accommodation: $30

Cheapest daily food cost: $10

Hotel: Hotel Drossos

Santorini is known for candy-colored houses and white buildings with half-spheres roofing carved into the cliffs. Once you are full of sweet views, take a walk on black sandy beaches. Hostels aren’t always the cheapest, but the gyros are. You might turn into a gyro by the time you come home but at least, you won’t burn your budget. While you are checking out all the views of architecture, photographing all the doors, just remember that the Tomb Raider sequel was filmed here.
Your hotel would cost $30/night booking through That’s 31% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.
Medellín City Center

Medellín, Colombia

Cheapest accommodation: $32

Cheapest daily food cost: $4

Hotel: Hotel El Portón de San Joaquín

Let’s start with the obvious, once the most dangerous city on earth a quarter century ago has now turned into a forward-thinking urban phenomenon. The city is much safer, wealthier and more fashionable and it’s year-round summer climate is something to be jealous about. The best part is the dollar is incredibly strong against the Colombian peso right now. Translation: Cheap travel and cheap cervezas :).
Your hotel would cost $32/night booking through That’s 51% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.
Ivan Vazov Theatre In Sofia, Buglaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Cheapest accommodation: $18

Cheapest daily food cost: $6

Hotel: Sofia Plaza

Did you know this is one of the oldest cities in Europe — tourist are just starting to notice? The main attractions of the city are either free or quite cheap, like the free Sofia walking tour to get acquainted with the city, which we would recommend, not just for your health, although that is important. Since you are in Europe local beers are a must, they are delightful and cheap (Google Bulgarian brewing and you’ll know what we are talking about). P.S. There are ancient ruins buried beneath the city, including a Colosseum visible from the subway, no joke.
Your hotel would cost $18/night booking through That’s 31% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.
Goa India Beach Houses

Goa, India

Cheapest accommodation: $16

Cheapest daily food cost: $5

Hotel: Sun Park Resort

Lounging in a cushioned chair at the beach with a savory and spicy curry dish and a Kingfisher beer. Whoa, do I need to say more? If you don’t like curry, you’ll probably hate it here. But there are plenty of things to love about Goa, like the Basilica of Bom Jesus. If there were a championship match between Roman architecture and baroque architecture, it would be a tie for most beautiful. If you are into the hippie scene, check out Arambol. It’s cheap, you can expect a lot of chilling and hanging around and eating more curry.
Your hotel would cost $16/night booking through That’s 28% cheaper than the lowest price you can find online.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recap of 1/18 Vision Call

Monday Night Recap

Hey HopRocket Team,

Today, we unveiled another tool just for you! Check out your future Elite Member promotional website (replicated site) below. 

These new websites will help you achieve greater success when sharing the HopRocket opportunity with others. Everything they need to know in one incredible website.

This image was released today at 12:00 p.m. CT. If you want to be the first to see what will be released next, click here to follow our Facebook page. Look for the next announcement at noon tomorrow.

Vision Call Recap

We had a great call last night with more sneak peeks and tools for our incredible 2016 launch!

You can listen to a recap of the call by clicking here.

Punta Cana Contest
Our Punta Cana contest is heating up... Shirley Lotu is on top, but it's anyone's game! Contest details

Pre-Launch Triple Bonus
The Pre-Launch Triple Bonus promotion has been extended to the 22nd of January! See details – Remember, this promotion can literally TRIPLE your income during this time frame.

Sneak Peek Week 
Every day we will be releasing pictures and documents that will help YOU during our upcoming launch.

NEW Enrollment Page
David Price from the HopRocket Corporate Team shared his excitement with the new enrollment page by saying, "Now we can accommodate more INTERNATIONAL Elites that are joining HopRocket all over the world!" 

New PowerPoint (Coming Soon - Tomorrow)
In the Back Office, you will have a new PowerPoint presentation that will will make your life so much easier. It will also be available in video format! This 'Push n Play' version is complete with audio and video, courtesy of Charles Vest. Now, you don'thave to be a great presenter to host a great party.

"How would you like to have a HopRocket presentation ready and waiting for you to simply send a prospect to? In 20 minutes it did all of the heavy lifting for you!" – Excerpt from the call

 Check in your 'Resources' for those links tomorrow morning.

2016 Commitment (Coming Soon) 
In 2016, your leaders including are challenging you to 'Make a 2016 Commitment'. Tommy Then says, "You better be on all the calls because you don't want to miss this announcement!"

Now is the perfect time to take your home-based business to the next level!

DO NOT miss tonight's call at 8:00 p.m. Central (9:00 p.m. Eastern). Dial 712-770-4010 and enter 359670#. We will have more exciting announcements, see you there!

 – The HopRocket Squad

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Introducing...The HopRocket Rate!

Heads Up, HopRocket!

We’ve made it easier than ever to shop and compare travel rates on our booking engine. As you can see from the image below, you should only see one HopRocket rate in a red box:

If you aren’t see the pricing breakdown as shown in this image, it may be necessary for you to clear the cache and cookies of your internet browser. Not sure how to do that? Simply click on the name of the browser you use below and it will take you to the “how to” for that particular browser:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at
888.434.5850 for any assistance in this regard. Or, email us at

We hope this information is helpful to you. Go to our booking engine now to see not only how much you can save, but how easy it is to see how much you’re saving in the process!

-The HopRocket Squad

Recap of January 11 Vision Call

Hey, HopRocket!

Last night’s Vision Call was a party and a half, all within 30 minutes!
Danny Licciardi got things started with an energetic welcome and lots of goodies followed.

If you missed it, click HERE for a replay of the call.

Race to Punta Cana Promo
Our next HopTrip to the all-inclusive Paradisus Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is happening on March 3-7. For a recap of the specific prizes that are offered in this promotion, click HERE.

Ryan Vanderpool reminded everyone that you can still be catapulted into the top 3 by actively getting 3 or 4 new people going! He reviewed the current top 3 in the Back Office Leaderboard: Shirley Lotu is currently in the lead followed by Austin Zulauf and Tim & Teresa Sebert. Congratulations to these top 3 Elite Members for maintaining their lead!

There's still plenty of time to catch up to them (promotion ends on January 31).
Tommy Then encouraged everyone to jump in with exposures and enrollments. He reminded us that parties don’t need to be expensive or extravagant. It just needs to be an effective meeting to get people together.

“When do you want to open the doors to your business?” Tommy asked us. “When is your grand opening?” Tommy challenged us to start with small meetings and 1on1’s. He reminded us to trust the process and gave a shout out to the
Flip Flop CEOs (Mike Gardner & Jimmy Coleman) for the success they’ve had in hosting effective meetings.

Pre-Launch Triple Promo
Ryan Vanderpool reminded everyone that this promo began at midnight on Saturday and will run until 11:59 PM Central on Friday, January 15. This promotion is all about maximizing the Fast Start Bonus. For a review of how this promotion works, click HERE.

“All Systems Go!” Video Campaign
As a reminder, in preparation for our big launch in January, we’re making a video and we gave everyone a chance to be a part of it. We had several creative videos submitted for this campaign. A launch video is being created and we’re so excited that many of you will be a part of that video! Thank you for your submissions.

The Release of New HopTrips
Charles Vest reminded everyone that HopRocket regularly updates its website with enticing and affordable HopTrips. A recent Cancun trip was added and Charles mentioned an upcoming ski package that will be posted. To stay on top of some of our best deals, go to our HopTrips page.

HopRocket Call Archive
Within the next day or two, the Back Office will feature a Call Archive where you can access all of our past call. Ryan reminded us that
Tim Sebert provided a wonderful training this past Saturday. That call and many others will be available in the Call Archive shortly, so watch for that.

Paid on Travel & HopRocket Rate
Near the end of the call, Vice President
Dave Price reminded everyone that we can now be paid on travel for multiple generations. He also mentioned that we have a “HopRocket Rate” which will make your searches and comparisons very easy to follow. Dave finished by mentioning a downloadable enrollment application that is now available in the Back Office.

Thanks to everyone who called in to be a part of our Vision Call! Let’s get to work and make it happen.

-The HopRocket Squad

Friday, January 8, 2016

The "Pre-Launch Triple Bonus" Is Here!

If you were on Friday night's Fast & Furious call, you heard the exciting news:

From 12:00 AM (Central) on January 9th to 11:59 PM (Central) on January 15th, we're running the Pre-Launch Triple Bonus promo. This promotion is designed to give you maximum earnings for your new Elite Member enrollments for a full week.

Here's how it works:
  • If you enroll one new Elite Member, you will get the regular $45 Fast Start Bonus.
  • If you enroll a second new Elite Member, your Fast Start Bonus for your 2nd enrollee will double to $90, for a total of $135.
  • If you enroll a third new Elite Member, your bonus will jump to $270 for your 3rd enrollee.

By enrolling three people, you will earn a total of $405 in Fast Start Bonuses!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Recap of the First Vision Call of the Year!

Hey, HopRocket!

The first Vision Call of 2016 was held last night and WOW, what an amazing call it was! In case you missed it, Click 
here for a replay of the call.

From the opening few minutes where everyone announced where they were calling from to the introduction from
Charles Vest, one thing was apparent from the beginning of the call: HopRocket is LOCKED, LOADED and ready for LIFT OFF!

Before any specifics were announced, Charles reminded everyone on the call that with HopRocket, we have:
  • The best travel product available
  • The best financial vehicle in the world to bring in supplemental or full-time income
  • The easiest business to work from the comfort of your own home 
Here’s a recap of what was covered:

Race to Punta Cana Leaderboard
In case you’re not aware, our upcoming HopTrip to the all-inclusive Paradisus Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is happening on 
March 3-7.

Danny Licciardi reminded everyone about the Leaderboard that we can all find in the Back Office as well as the prizes that are available. As you can see, Shirley Lotu is currently in the lead followed by Austin Zulauf and Tim & Teresa Sebert. Congratulations to these top 3 Elite Members for getting off to a great start! There's still plenty of time to catch up to them (promotion ends on January 31).

For a recap of the specific prizes, click 
here. As a quick reminder, 4 Elite Members will qualify for a free trip and 3 other prizes of 300 Rocket Rewards will be awarded for a total of 7 amazing prizes.

You Can Be Paid on Travel – 3 Generations
PJ Jensen shared his past experience in the travel industry and how HopRocket’s new opportunity to actually be paid on travel is set to break records. This groundbreaking announcement means that anytime someone in your first 3 generations books travel through HopRocket, YOU get paid!

Lifestyle Bonus Promotion – Now Permanent
You may recall that we ran a promotion during November and December called “RankUp!” that announced huge increases to the cash rewards amounts for each rank as well as the TQV split requirement for each rank advancement.

Starting at the rank of Senior Brand Advocate (SBA) at 9,000 TQV all the way up to the rank of Social Marketing Ambassador (SMA) at 1,000,000 TQV, you can qualify for additional cash each month, from $400 to $15,000 depending on your rank.

Fred Ninow, one of our Co-Founders, announced that the changes announced in the promotion were now a permanent part of our Rewards Plan. Make sure to review these new requirements and cash bonus amounts as outlined in the new Rewards Plan.

Fred reminded us that Expedia did over 8 Billion dollars in revenue last year and that 70% of these sales came from hotel bookings. HOTEL BOOKINGS! When we take time to compare our pricing to Expedia pricing, we win every time. Fred asked us to think about the possibilities when you are part of a company that can beat the 8 billion dollar Goliath on hotel pricing all day long.

Rewards Plan – Full version and 1-Page Version Now Available
Ryan Vanderpool told the group that the full version of the Rewards plan was detailed and thorough but very comprehensive. Jimmy Coleman agreed with Charles Vest that our new 1-Page version of the Rewards Plan is simplified and easy to read. After all, as Jimmy said: “What’s simple is what duplicates”.

The full Rewards Plan is still important, but the 1-page is something you’ve all been waiting for. We can’t wait for you to run with both versions as you share the HopRocket experience!

Step-By-Step Playbook and Quick Start Guide
Ryan Vanderpool and PJ Jensen announced our new 19-page Playbook that is chock full of training materials for your use. It’s an easy-to-follow manual for anyone who wants additional guidance or ideas in building their HopRocket business.

Tommy Then quickly reviewed how to use the Quick Start Guide, a 2-page worksheet, and reminded everyone that HopRocket is truly equipping our Elite Members with some amazing tools. Both documents can be found in the Back Office under the Resources section.

Tommy challenged everyone to get plugged in, trust the content that was painstakingly put together through the lifetime experiences of some of our top leaders and expressed his excitement accordingly.

New Tools Available in the Back Office
Dave Price, Vice President on the Executive Management Team at the Corporate office, mentioned that several new documents (including the new Rewards Plan) are now available under the Resources tab of the Back Office.

To access these documents, you simply need to use “” and add the name of the document you want after the forward slash at the end. For example, check out these links:

Rewards Plan – Full Version:

Rewards Plan – 1-Page Version:

Quick Start Guide:

Getting Started Playbook:

Rewards Plan Video:

You no longer have to search for them. Just enter the URL as shown here. However, when in doubt, you can always access these new materials in the Back Office.

We’ve been working around the clock to provide these new materials and we’re thrilled to present them to you.

“All Systems Go!” Video Campaign
As a reminder, in preparation for our big launch in January, we’re making a video and we want YOU and/or YOUR TEAM in it. You now have until
Sunday, January 10 to get your video uploaded.

It’s SO easy and quick to do and this video will be something you can share with your potential new enrollees. Click here for a review of 3 different ways you can submit your video. Remember, it just needs to be 5 seconds or less.

Make sure to add 2-3 seconds to the beginning and end of your video where you don’t say anything, just smile. That way, we can edit your video much more easily. Call Customer Service at
888.434.5850 if you are having any trouble uploading your video.

It’s a GREAT time to be part of HopRocket. We have so much going on that is going to make our launch later this month an epic event.

In addition, we have additional things coming down the pike (Spanish translations, a new look and feel for our website, etc). Now, more than ever, we encourage you to stay connected and informed.

Thanks to everyone for making last night’s Vision Call one of the most exciting calls yet!

-The HopRocket Squad

Thursday, December 31, 2015

"All Systems Go!" Campaign

Our big 2016 launch is fast approaching and to prepare for it,
Charles Vest introduced our “All Systems Go” campaign. We want the world to know that HopRocket is “ready for launch” and we need your help!

We invite all Members and Elite Members to make an energetic short video (5 seconds maximum) of themselves or their teams stating where they are from followed by the word “GO!”. Your full script might sound something like:

“Bill and Becky Baker from Albuquerque, New Mexico…GO!”


“Team Wenatchee from Yakima, Washington…GO!”

We’ll compile all of the videos that are submitted into one mega clip and share it all over the place as we launch in January.

We have a few ways to submit a video:

1. Post it to Twitter or Instagram and add one of the following hashtags: #HopRocketLaunch, #AllSystemsGo, or #LaunchVideo.
2. Use our Facebook link to upload your video. Click on the Hootsuite Campaigns tab.
3. If you don’t use Social Media, simply visit our campaign website and click “Enter Now”.

This is quick and easy, but very effective. Take a few minutes to show your HopRocket pride. The finished video will be a powerful resource to show your potential new enrollees, especially with YOU in it!

The deadline for submitting your video is Monday, January 4 at 11:59 PM (Mountain). We can’t wait to see what you send!